Writers Anonymous

Because we're addicted

Writing Anonymous- Because we're addicted
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Are you:

  • In a MILLION writing prompt communities?
  • Tired of posting your fiction in your regular journal because you know it annoys people because they wanna read about your life and can't find it amongst the numerous posts?
  • You had a fiction journal, set up just for your fiction, and find yourself too lazy to actually post in it because that's just another journal to log into and deal with and maintain?
  • You want a place other than your writing challenge community to post your work in, just for your own personal reference and where you can have more free reign over how your fiction is presented instead of following the posting rules of challenge?
  • You want a place where people will actually read and *gasp* COMMENT what you write?
  • You want a place to boast over the fact that you actually completed your prompt tables of doom, but nobody in your journal really cares because they don't understand?
  • Any other reason where you feel like you just don't have a home for your works of fiction....

If you answered yes to any of these, then THIS is the place for you. Writing Anonymous, because we're all addicted, and we need someone who knows and can share in our pain and pleasure of being a writer.

Post any kind of fiction you want, I only ask that if it's graphic, that you cut it and put a warning, otherwise there aren't any posting restrictions. Post a writing rant, poetry, boasting, whatever you feel like pretty much so long as it has to do with your craft.

Some Things To know

  • When commenting others, try to be as encouraging as possible, and take the time to read some stuff that's posted. Obviously, we can't read it all, but it's good to see what other people are writing. They say that one of the best things to do with writing, is to do a lot of reading as well. Comment, even if it's just to say: "Hi, I read it. :D have a nice day." because I don't know about you, but it feels good to know that at least one person took the time to read my art.

  • Constructive criticism is welcome. Flaming is not. Flaming and trolling and all other icky things will result in a banning from the community until you can prove that you're mature enough to come back.

  • So what do you need to do to join? All you have to do is join the community! No special process required. However, if you want any specific tags, you'll need to comment THIS POST HERE, so I can add whatever you need to keep your work organized.

  • Any banners you want to display proudly for the world to see? Leave the image and it's server location HERE and be a part of the WALL OF AWESOMENESS.

  • Want to be affiliated? Leave a comment HERE.